We offload you from your Product or Service Marketing Headache and make free for your core competence work.

We provide services directly or with our associated partner in

With the Aim of providing a Unique Platform for Industrial Product seller and Service Provider to minimize their Marketing Headache, we are providing BRICH Store Platform to our seller and Service Provider. So that they can get easy access and reach to lot of customers.

Why sell on BRICH Store Platform?

Because you can showcase your Products or Services to lot of Customers. Customer Can Purchase your Product or Book your Services 24 x 7 days on India Unique Platform for Industrial Product and Services requirement. Start your selling journey with us and reach to lot of Customer.

In this digital era, businesses have caught up to the idea of having a prominent online presence. Here we will describe why you sell your Product or Services on BRICH Store Platform.

No / Low Investment: The process of registering to Sell your Product or Provide your Services on BRICH Store can happen within minutes. There is no investment, except a few nominal fees / charges of your Product or Services and you are set. When you join our Platform, you can get easy access to reach lot of Customer.
You don’t need to hire Sales or Marketing staff. You don’t need to Marketing your Products or Services and you can save paying salaries or bills or cutting out on your personal expense to keep a website live.

Quick & On-Time Payments: When selling or Providing Services through our Platform, there is no need to wait for a long time to get your money. BRICH Store offers low credit period. We offer the quickest payments in the industry and that too right into your bank account. No paper work, no waiting and no tension.

Brand Awareness: When you are a new seller or Service Provider, it is hard to find and reach to Customers. This is where trust plays a major role. Most Customers would like to make a purchase or Book Service Provider on a well-known Platform where they believe their money is safe. It takes a long time to build Customer trust and a well-established marketplace. BRICH Store has built such trust in Customer. So, it works in your favour to get you orders quicker.

National and Global reach: An online marketplace you can get buyers from different corners of the world, large cities, smallest towns and even the remotest lanes of your country. Millions of people coming to this online store and looking at your Products or Services.

Open 24/7 – 365 Days of the Year: This is one of the best reasons for you to use BRICH Store online Platform. You have to never shut shop or Service or be present physically to make a sale. Our Online Platform is live at all times and buyers or Client have the convenience to make a purchase or Book Service at any time they wish to. This time flexibility – which is available for both buyers and sellers – makes selling hassle free and gives you more time to grow your business and concentrate on other aspects of your life.